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Teachers at Holland Park work hard. To commit to student achievement is to provide rich commentary on students’ work once per week, to design lessons that brim with imagination, passion, rigour and efficacy, to cultivate a classroom persona that exudes warmth, care, expectation and determination.

 Type of opportunity offered

> Immediate vacancies

> Postgraduate study/professional training


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> Teaching  


About Holland Park Teaching School

Our relationships with students need boundaries and formality – but it is a formality that needs to be carefully blended with intimacy and a level of appropriate mutual affection.

Developing these characteristics is by no means straightforward and only for very few do they come quickly. Just as when we work with students, we understand that people are different; some take months to develop qualities that others enjoy at the beginning of their practice. To that end, professional training and career development is highly individualised. For the most talented and driven of teachers, we do not shy away from rapid promotion; one of our Leading Practitioners is in the second year of her career. Talent sometimes is not acquired with experience and we do not seek to ignore this fact in the different career pathways of our colleagues.

Training teachers is an inherent part of our identity and, as a DfE designated Teaching School that has worked with towards 70 schools across the country in the last few years, staff training and professional development are central pillars of the school’s ethos. Every teacher is a reflective practitioner and openness to guidance and criticism is one of our foremost professional standards. Colleagues training with us, then, are fortunate to receive guidance from practitioners who continually strive to be better practitioners. Trainees benefit from a collaborative and corporate environment driven towards self-improvement. A shared ‘teaching idea of the week’ (it can be a pack of cards; 10 meter wall paper; newspapers; a ball of string and pegs) drives a culture of innovation and creativity, as teachers seek to make their mark on novel stimuli for teaching

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